Friday, September 28, 2012

Nail Polish rack

Originally I thought I'd do these posts in the order I started the project. But I tend to do multiple projects then switch to something else so these are in no particular order. Just know that I'm new to crafting.

When I first got in to Pinterest I saw a nail polish rack that I thought I could make. So that's what the following photos will show.

First here's the finished project.


The plans I went by are here!

Initially I was going to put this behind the door in my side of the jack and Jill bathroom. But in my excitement to start the project I just went with my sources plans and totally forgot to measure the space I was putting the rack in. Suffice it to say the rack was a good 2 inches to large for my originally planned space but there was nothing above the towel rack in the shared portion so crisis averted.

Another rookie DIY mistake I made was purchasing the first wood I saw. I was new to the home improvement store scene. I learned quickly and slightly painfully fast that there is a huge difference between price each and price per inch. This project was very expensive because of that.

Ok now on to construction. I've been looking at storage units on Pinterest (check out my boards here). Because I was putting together a craft room I needed storage. I was originally planning to build my storage stuff but I ended up working some coupon magi at Michael's. Back to the point... I stumbled upon (She has a book out now. It's on my Amazon wish list.) and there was a video link where she was using the Kreg (r) jig. Well she made it look so easy that I strayed from the instructions in the original post... Because I wasn't super excited about filling in holes and sanding and all that anyway... and I used the Kreg Jig. Love it! I would add you should read the instructions before starting. Basically the Kreg jig makes pocket holes for you to put your screws in. I bought he $50 handheld super portable one.

The next step could have been adding the moulding to the shelf but I hadn't gone back to the home improvement store yet so I stained my fancy expensive wood with Rustoleum's Kona stain that was left over from another project.

Then I went to get the moulding.
See $5.59/each. I got two pieces and used a miter box saw to cut it at home.

Then I attached some of those claw picture hanging things to the back and hung it in the wall with picture hanging hooks. Added some polish and I was done. Yay! I love it. And now I have a free drawer in my bathroom. I think I may move my makeup there so I have less stuff on my counter. I might move my hair products under there too. We'll see.

Friday, August 31, 2012

I may be obsessed with Pinterest.

If you haven't heard of Pinterest... well break free from your home under that rock. I've been pinning for some time now. But recently I've decided to actually take on some projects. In the following post I'll be showing you some of the things I've made.

When you find a good pin there is often a link back to a blog, so I've found some amazing and inspiring blogs too. All in all the next posts will be things I found Pinterest or inpisired by blogs I discovered through Pinterest.

Hope you find a little inspiration

Jenn T.